Snetterton 300 – 31st October – 1st November

Snetterton was the Power Maxed Mini Challenge championship’s last race weekend of 2015 – a landmark year, with the introduction of the latest third generation F56 models and the move to separate grids for the Coopers.

The season long dual between Nathan Harrison and Ricky Page was settled, with Nathan taking a well-earned victory – an amazing year for the 19 year old newcomer in his first season of tin-top racing, a former British karting champion.­­

Adam qualified in 10th position, opting for a set of part worn tyres for the qualifying round – the previous testing day was too wet to scrub in a new set.

Race 1 saw the usual battle between Neal & Davey fighting for 8th position. Adam took the lead early in the race ahead of Neal, however a dirty section of the track at Palmer, gave way to a lack of grip, costing Adam dearly. Adam finished in 10th position, with a close fight for 9th between fellow teammate Attard.

Sunday’s racing was a foggy start to the final event; with very little prospect of the fog lifting, putting back the scheduled racing for the day. Drivers were eager to get the most out of this final day’s race of championship and score maximum points for their final standings.

Finally around Midday, the weather improved and the Gen 3 and JCW’s were allowed out on the track, closely followed by the Coopers for a reduced 15 min race. Adam started at 9th position on the grid, moving up a position based on the fastest laps in race 1. Once again a battle between Neal and Davey at the start of the race, however an argument at the lead of the pack gave Neal an opportunity to steam ahead to the front of the pack, which he held to the end of the race, taking his maiden win of the season. Adam raced well and held steady behind Page, but spun on a corner, lagging from the pack and finished in 10th. Adam was disappointed with his final position, but had a good race.

Due to the weather conditions and limited time and light, the late start put all race teams under pressure and the adrenaline was flowing to ensure the cars were ready for the next race 50 minutes later.

Whilst the fog had lifted to a beautiful sunny day, the bright, descending sunshine proved tricky for all drivers with visibility – Adam finished 11th after losing grip on the track and falling behind.

Adam in the blue Cayman Machine was consistently good all weekend at the start of the races and will need to focus on holding and steadying his nerve next season to continue and progress through the pack and battle with the leaders of his class.

Adam has thoroughly enjoyed his first season in the Power Maxed Mini Challenge and will use the run up to the next season to make marginal gains in different areas of the sport, which will hopefully position him well next year.

A great start for the Cayman Car and bearing in mind no previous race experience for Adam, this year has seen a steep learning curve for the rookie driver. Adam has hit the floor running and will take away from this season the great comradeship of the competitors, professionalism of his race team Excelr8 and the expertise and great racing from all the drivers.

Watch this space for photos from the End of Season Party at the Walton Hall & Hotel in Stratford-Upon- Avon. The event promises to be the biggest award dinner yet!