Mini Challenge — Second round results for Silverstone MSVR

The MotorSport Vision Racing (MSVR) Mini Challenge Series had a strong first round at Donington Park with some very tightly contested races. The second round of this thrilling series was no different, with some very competitive driving from all participants.

Round 2 of the Mini Challenge Series was held at the home of British Motor Racing Silverstone Circuit, over the 28/29th of May. Adam was once again driving the Cayman #21 car, which performed admirably during the event.

It was an absolutely stunning weekend for driving, with the sun out and mostly clear skies. Drivers found it easy to get some heat into their tyres as they blazed around the track in their powerful MINI Coopers.
The track was shared by MINIs from three different classes — the Cooper S, the Cooper and the Open Class. This was the first time that the open class shared the track with the Cooper and Cooper-S, adding to the excitement for spectators!

20160528_MINIC SStone SnCoopers R1_587

MINI racing at its finest!

Adam had a strong showing during qualifying, making space for himself and handling the tight corners well. Cayman car #21 was reaching some incredible speeds and performing nicely. However, it was Max Bladon who once again dominated in qualifying with some excellent driving. Like Adam, Max is a member of the Excelr8 racing team.

Similar to the first round at Donington Park, the difference between drivers was negligible. The times for positions 2-6 were between 1.12.225 and 1.12.538 — a minuscule difference of about 313 milliseconds! That demonstrates how close these drivers are in terms of skill!

The first race took place on Saturday at 1.25pm in sunny weather. Once again, Max Bladon had a strong start to the race and remained in the lead until the end. After this result and his strong showing during the first round, he really is shaping up as the man to beat in the MINI Challenge!

Adam had a strong start to the race as well, jockeying for position early on and near the front of the pack. He was toe-to-toe with Haig, Walton and Goodall for most of the race. The second half of the race didn’t go quite as well and he slipped back to a respectable 7th position at the finish.

20160528_MINI C SStone SnCoop Q_078 (1)

A Bumpy Start to Race Two!

The second race took place on Sunday the 29th in slightly cooler weather conditions. Scott Jeffs was in pole position in the Cooper S-Class followed by drivers from the Open Class and Cooper Class.

Adam had a hair-raising start with a minor collision on the first corner. 3-4 cars were involved in this incident, with paint exchanged between a few vehicles. Cayman car #21 suffered a few bruises in the exchange, but nothing too major!

Bladon and Josh Gollin managed to get through the first few corners unscathed and took the leads in their respective classes. It then became a battle for second between Weller/Bamber & Hutchinson.

The more powerful MINIs in the Open Class began to really open up their throttles and ended up lapping some of the MINI Coopers in the latter stages of the race.

Gollin & Bamber came off the track at Brooklands corner, which allowed Adam to push through into position #3, earning another podium place! Despite having a difficult start to the race, Adam managed to maintain his composure and ended up with a great result.

The final race of the day took place later in the afternoon. There was a grid reversal for this race, which meant Adam started the race in 4th position with his time of 1.12.422.

Adam’s Excelr8 teammate Max Bladon started in 6th position thanks to the grid reversal!

This race was one of the closest that we have seen in the Mini Challenge Series! Drivers were pushing each other hard — looking for an opportunity to overtake. It was exciting to watch and the little MINI Coopers were reaching some incredible speeds.

Adam Davey Mini Challenge Round 2 at Silverstone Circuit

Unfortunately, Adam was nudged by Gollin and lost control of his vehicle, sending Caymans car #21 into the gravel! Thankfully, Adam did not suffer any injuries. A disappointing end to the weekend but Adam did get a podium place earlier in the day which was a great result!

With 2 race weekends under Adam’s belt for 2016, Cayman Autos, a sponsor of Adam’s Mini Cooper, are very excited by his performance this weekend and look forward to the rest of the season. It was a great effort from all involved, including the manager of Excelr8 Justina and team mechanic Mikey. Adam now has a total of 164 points and is in 5th position in the Mini Challenge Series standings.